Oregonians deserve justice in every case, but we’ve recently seen the federal courts abandon their protective role.  As a Lane County Circuit Court Judge, I will protect the rights of all Oregonians, give everyone the respect they deserve, and be a champion for equal justice.  My work on bipartisan solutions in the legislature has earned me support across party lines.  I’ve spent three decades fighting for you overseas, at home, and in the courts. 

Thanks to the support of voters like you, I had the opportunity to go from rural poverty in Lane County to become a successful State Representative, military officer, and trial lawyer.


As a Representative, I successfully passed bills to benefit all Oregonians:

·      Jobs and healthcare for our veterans

·      Better care for our elderly

·      Improved school funding

·      Protection for homeowners and renters, and

·      Paid family leave


I’ve fought for our country and our community for over 28 years.  I -

·      Earned a Bronze Star defending human rights

·      Helped save lives during the pandemic in our hospitals

·      Fought fires in our forests, and

·      Battled corruption and terrorism with our allies overseas.


In decades of courtroom experience, I’ve served as a prosecutor, a defense counsel, a civil lawyer, and a hearings officer.  I’ve also represented foster children as a CASA, advocated for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and protected the elderly from abuse.

With your vote, I’ll continue to fight for justice.