The intersection of 30th and University had long been one of the most dangerous in the city.  In the late 60’s, neighbors banded together and successfully petitioned the city to install a pedestrian overpass.  The overpass was a great improvement, but it was not accessible to young kids who could not push their bikes up the stairs and certainly not for people in wheelchairs.  This led to kids' dashing across busy 30th at the height of the morning rush, and, tragically, to a wheelchair user being struck and almost killed.

We banded together as a community to push for a stoplight to make the intersection safe for everyone.  First, we got the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee to recommend an improvement.  Next, we lobbied the City for money for a traffic light, measuring the speeding cars up and down 30th.  At the time, I was leading the Camas Ridge Community School Parent-Teacher Organization and sitting on the City Budget Committee.  I know both how desperately the community needed a stoplight and how broke the City was.  Together, the parents and the City worked out a compromise.  A push-button red light would require less money than a four-way traffic light, but still allow kids and wheelchair users to cross safely.  We convinced the City to implement the compromise.  Now, everyone can cross safely.

Like so many things in politics, the effort took persistence, teamwork, and respectful collaboration.  I hope to bring those qualities to Salem to represent you.  Thank you for your support!