Senator Jeff Merkley - “It was a pleasure to run with Marty when I was visiting our troops in Afghanistan, and I’m proud to support him in another run now. He’ll be a great addition to the Oregon House.”​

Congressman Peter DeFazio - "Marty’s long career in the military and public service demonstrates that he’s a tireless advocate for education, healthcare, and working to increase economic opportunity for all Oregonians. I'm proud to endorse Marty and know he will serve Lane and Linn Counties well in Salem."

Representative Phil Barnhart - “I’m delighted to endorse Marty for my seat in the Oregon House.  He shares my commitment to education, healthcare, appropriate economic and job growth, and the environment.  I hope you will support him as you have supported me.”

State Senator Lee Beyer - "Marty has spent his career serving Oregon and our country.  He represents our highest shared values and will fight for them representing the people of House District 11.” 

Congressman Seth Moulton - "Marty brings a long history of distinguished service to his candidacy for State Representative. He has been serving our country for the last 24 years, and I know he will bring the same dedication to serving his community in the Oregon Legislature."

Former Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy - “Marty’s long history of military, nonprofit, and public service is evidence of his dedication to the people of Oregon. He shares my commitment to protecting our natural resources while building a strong economy that adequately funds public education, public services and healthy families. I am happy to endorse him for House District 11.” 

Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis - "I'm delighted that Marty is running for State Representative.  He shares my values in promoting public education, healthcare, and strong communities.  I depend on him to serve in whatever the city needs, from budget committee to police commission.  He will make a great State Representative.  I'm pleased to endorse him."

County Commissioner Pete Sorenson - "A vote for Marty is a vote for protecting the environment, housing the homeless, and promoting the green jobs of the future."

2018 List

(2020 Endorsements Pending)

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden

U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley

Congressman Peter DeFazio

State Representative Phil Barnhart, House District 11

State Representative Paul Holvey, House District 8

State Representative John Lively, House District 12

State Representative Nancy Nathanson, House District 13

State Representative Julie Fahey, House District 14

State Senator Floyd Prozanski, Senate District 4

State Senator Lee Beyer, Senate District 6

State Senator James Manning, Senate District 7

Val Hoyle, BOLI Commissioner-elect

Former Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury

Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis

Former Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy

Lane County Commissioner Pete Sorenson

Former County Commissioner Jerry Rust

Eugene City Councilors Alan Zelenka, Chris Pryor,

Greg Evans, Jennifer Yeh, and Betty Taylor

Springfield City Councilors Leonard Stoehr and Sheri Moore

Creswell City Councilor Gary Mounce

LCC Board of Education Members Matt Keating

and Melanie Muenzer

4J School Board Members Judy Newman, Eileen Nittler,

Mary Walston and Evangelina Sundgrenz

EWEB  Commissioner Sonya Carlson

Democratic Party of Lane County House District 11 Chair Kamala Shugar

Drs. Vern Katz and Deb Dotters

Former University of Oregon President Scott Coltrane

Wendy Wheeler Coltrane

Deborah Noble

Carlos Barrera

Josh Skov

Carmen Urbina

Tom Bowerman

Joy Marshall

Dr. Sara Batya

Paula Harrison

Dr. Munir Katul

Richard Clark


Marty Wilde is a member of the Air National Guard. Use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Air Force or the Department of Defense.