Wherever I go in the District, I hear about the housing problem.  It ranges from basic shelter for the unhoused, to senior and veteran housing, to affordable housing for working families.  We see too many people sleeping on the street, too many veterans without a place to stay, too many seniors barely hanging on, and too few of our children able to afford living in the neighborhoods they grew up in.  Our manufactured housing communities are particularly at risk.  Facing higher rents and redevelopment, we risk putting some of our most vulnerable people, including many seniors, on the street if we do not prevent them from being pushed out of their homes and build more housing that they can afford. Oregon has a solid land use planning program, but we lack mechanisms to promote the actual construction of planned housing.  I support legislation that requires localities to promote the construction of the housing they plan by reducing barriers to construction.  We can build the Oregon of the future, but only if we invest in housing.